Advisory Meetings - Social Anthropology

Upon admission to the PhD program in Social Anthropology, each student is assigned a primary advisor and a secondary advisor, based on a preliminary assessment of mutual interests. After the first year, in consultation with faculty, the student may select a permanent advisor, either the person to whom they were assigned when they entered, or another faculty member whose interests more closely match those of the student.

In the absence of faculty advisors/advisors on leave, students should consult with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). A new advisor may be appointed by the DGS on the initiative of either the student or the advisor at any time in the course of study. If the DGS is the advisor being changed, the director of the Social Anthropology program will step in to oversee the process.

Students should schedule meetings with their advisor(s) at least once per term – more often is very strongly encouraged – to discuss their programs and to work out a plan of study. Students should also keep their advisors informed about their progress while in the field.