Graduate Students

Gbemisola Abiola
Research Interests: post (post) colonial studies, African literature, African political thought, war studies, and critical terrorism studies

Marty Alexander
Research Interests: United States, Hong Kong, southern China; biomedical research and ethics; local laboratory practices; the production of biomedical discourses; and public understandings of science.

Ethan Balgley
Research Interests: United States, Los Angeles; medical anthropology; superutilizers, homelessness, discourses of healthcare policy and reform | website

Margaretha Blignaut
Research Interests: Knowledge production, heritage politics, post-genomic era, Roma, Turkey

Cynthia Browne
Research Interests: Germany: art, urbanism, and riparian landscapes; industrial nature and structural change; phenomenology (Husserl, Merleau-Ponty), linguistic pragmatics.

Eda Cakmakci
Research Interests: social anthropology, cultural history, Turkey.

Wade Campbell
Research Interests: Southwest US, Navajo (Diné) archaeology; Spanish/indigenous colonial contacts; pericolonialism & borderland communities; ethnicity & migration; diet & subsistence practices; pastoralism; landscape archaeology; indigenous archaeology.

Ari Caramanica
Research Interests: Peru; inter- & intra-societal boundaries, transitions and points of discord through lens of landscape archaeology.

Michelle Choi
Research Interests: Korean peninsula, nationalism, future.

Vivien Chung
Research Interests: South Korea, design, gender and sexuality, fashion industry, marketing, language and politics.

Paul Clarke
Research Interests: Gun violence in American & South African cities, race and biopolitics, materiality, urban anthropology, settler colonialism, private security.

Jonathan Clindaniel
Research Interests: Computational Archaeology, Inka Khipus, semiotics. | website

Noa Corcoran-Tadd
Research Interests: Latin America; historical archaeology, Inka archaeology, Andean colonial history, road networks, GIS and spatial analysis. | website

Joe Cronin            
Research Interests: Andean Archaeology, Agricultural Ritual, Political Authority, Production Infrastructure, Pre-Hispanic Economies. | website

Margaret Czerwienski
Research Interests: Nigeria, biopolitics; how do pharmaceutical treatment modalities link individual bodies and local communities to global political economic processes, and how do these networked interconnections shift local, national, and global histories, narratives, and experiences of mental anguish and suffering?

Aryo Danusiri
Research Interests: Indonesia, South East Asia; Visual Ethnography, Nexus of Borders, Fundamentalism, Mobility, Developmentalism, Humanitarianism, Decentralization.

Shuang Lu Frost
Research Interests: Digital technology, sharing economy, urban infrastructure, governance, political economy, China. | website

Juana Davila Saenz
Research Interests: Latin America, in particular, Colombia and Venezuela; anthropology of power, legal discourse, illegality, policy, legislative processes and bureaucracy; agrarian reform, human-land ties, the Colombian armed conflict and armed action in general, internal forced displacement, and notions of memory, reparation and justice.

Jessica Dickson
Research Interests: South Africa; media anthropology, cinema and the film industry, post-colonial science fiction and futurism, political economy, subjectivity, race and gender, tourism.

Max Durayappah-Harrison
Research Interests: Japan; agriculture, impacts of globalization, collaborative visual anthropology.

Zoe Eddy
Research Interests: Supernatural belief systems, ritual and religion, animal studies, food studies, gender and identity, material culture, LARPing, collaborative anthropology, historical archaeology, cross-comparative analysis; Japan, the United Kingdom, island communities.

Kanishka Elupula
Area of Interest: India, U.S., political anthropology

Nakay R. Flotte
Research Interests: Mexico-Guatemala borderlands, migration, security, gender and sexuality.

Alexis Hartford
Area of Interest: Mesoamerica; ritual and religion, ceramics, residue analysis, community outreach.

Samantha Hawkins
Research Interests: Visual anthropology, violence, inner city experience, social marginalization, memorialization, power structures, identity, material culture, and the United States.

Annikki Herranen-Tabibi 
Research Interests: Finland; The medical, political and historical anthropology of care in the Finnish Sámi region; European and Circumpolar anthropology; belonging, citizenship and sovereignty; welfare state transformations; demography. 

Reza Idria
Research Interests: Indonesia, the aftermath of disasters, Aceh, politics, truth and reconciliation, Sharia and cultural resistance.

Yookyeong Im
Research Interests: South Korea, international law, human rights discourses and institutions, gender and sexuality.

Bronwyn Isaacs
Research Interests: Consumer markets, labor and value, political anthropology, nationalism, religion, ethics and morality, food and consumption, the anthropology of performance, the body, gender, advertising, aesthetics, media, propaganda, visual anthropology, sensory ethnography, Thailand and South East Asia. | website

Sebastian Jackson
Social Anthropology/AAAS

Abbas Jaffer
Research Interests: South Asia, STS (science, technology, and society), digital sociality | website

Eric Johnson    
Research Interests: North Atlantic, Iceland, New England; Historical anthropology, archaeology of class in colonial contexts, political economy, materiality of mercantilism vs. liberalism, inter-household inequality, settlement landscapes, core sampling and survey archaeology.

Ilkim Karakus
Research Interests: Turkey; body politics, resistance, ethics.

George Karandinos
Research Interests: US inner cities, Puerto Rico, Colombia; violence, addiction, War on Drugs.

Damina Khaira
Research Interests: SouthEast Asia, Borneo; indigeneity, identity politics, heritage.

Nancy A. Khalil
Research Interests: Muslims in America (particularly the 2nd and 3rd generation); Higher Education & Student Development; Religion, Religiosity, & Spirituality; Belief; Transnationalism.

Bethany Kibler
Research Interests: U.S. & Middle East; U.S. Military, Gender and Sexuality.

Alexander Mee-Woong Kim
Research Interests: Siberia, Central Asia, and North America; ancient DNA and population genomics; admixture, migration, and demography; hunter-gatherer mortuary behavior; “complex” foragers; ceramics without farming; caste systems and hereditary slavery  | website

Jada Ko
Research Interests: Western China; emergence of social hierarchies and complex societies; zooarchaeology; Media Anthropology.

Ekin Kurtic
Research Interests: anthropology of infrastructure, environmental history, political ecology, anthropology of bureaucracy, and Turkey.

Veronika Kusumaryati
Research Interests: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, audiovisual technologies, circulation and production of images,anthropology of knowledge/science, and political changes.

Zachary Lentsch
Research Interests: Yemen; Red Sea mobilities, empire, development.

Wirun Limsawart
Research Interests: Thailand, medical anthropology

Andrew Littlejohn
Research Interests: Natural Disasters, Community Rebuilding, Space and Place, Japan | website

Kylie Tora Basuki Liu
Research Interests: Italy; Psychiatric and legal anthropology, rape laws.

Sara Loomis
Research Interests: Archaeology, Mesoamerica, West Mexico, Teotihuacan, Ceramics, Childhood

Matthew Magnani
Research Interests: East Africa; Hunter-gatherer/pastoralist ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, indigeneity and (digital) cultural heritage. | website

Amulya Mandava
Research Interests: South Asia; marriage, caste, political economy.   

Solsire Cusicanqui Marsano
Research Interests: Peru; Andean Archaeology, Cajamarca, Mochica, Peru; identity, technology, style; archaeology and heritage management.

Ian McGonigle
Research Interests: Middle East; moleculariztion of ethnicity in Israel and the Arabian Peninsula.

Jessica McNiel
Research Interests: paleoanthropology; lithic technology; experimental archaeology; archaeology of South Africa, East Africa, Sahul; human evolution; modern human origins and behavioral variability; Middle Stone Age technology; Middle to Later Stone Age transitions; raw materials properties; raw material sourcing

Charlotte Neary-Bremer
Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, public health policy, violence.

Anna Neumann
Joint African and African-American Studies

Abigail Niebuhr
Research Interests: South Africa; xenophobia and the issue of xenophobic violence in post-apartheid South Africa

Chiaki Nishijima
Research Interests: Tokyo, Japan; gender and sexuality, political economy, aging.

Andrew Ong
Research Interests: Burma/Myanmar; peace process, political culture, borderlands.

Vipas Prachyaporn
Research Interests: Southeast Asia, Laos; Artisanship, personhood, nationalism, post-socialism.

Renugan Raidoo
Research Interests: South Africa; gated communities, histories of enclaving, urban anthropology, anthropology of space and place, crime and security, democracy and citizenship.   

Eric Reinhart
Research Interests: U.S.; Urban and medical anthropology.

Kate Rose
Research Interests: Ancient Egypt and Near East; Urbanism and settlement design, spatial analysis, domestic ritual practice versus state religious ideology.

Jasmine Samara
Research Interests: Greece; Greek Muslims, human rights, law, religion and the state, minorities, gender.

Benjamin Shaffer
Research Interests: China; media/visual anthropology, art communities.

Adam Stack
Research Interests: Southwest US; Historical and landscape archaeology, urbanism and cultural change, settlement patterns, colonial archaeology.

Miari Stephens
Research Interests: Afro-Latin American; Hispanic Caribbean; politics of beauty as they intersect with race, gender, and class; politics of hair; beauty as expression, art form.   

Galen Stolee
Research Interests:  Indonesia, Silicon Valley, anthropology of media, popular culture, visual ethnography, masculinities, mind-machine interfaces, pornography, digital nomads, dogs   

Susan Taylor
Research Interests: Japan; urban markets, cultural geography, and virtual spaces. I am interested in configurations between knowledge and places, specifically constructions of nationalistic and bibliographic knowledge in used book districts in Tokyo and Seoul.

Keye Tersmette
Research Interests: Oman; Middle East politics; popular conceptions of the state; youth (un)employment

Rachel Thompson
Research Interests: Indonesia, Netherlands; colonialism, trade, political ecology/economy

Randa Wahbe
Research Interests: Palestine, expressions of sovereignty, settler-colonialism, necropolitics, body commodification

Alex Warburton
Research Interests: Kazakhstan and Turkic Central Asia; semiotic and linguistic anthropology; voice and the body; transnational infrastructure projects

Sadie Weber
Research Interests: South America, Pastoralism, zooarchaeology, archaeobotany.

Courtney T. Wittenkind
Research Interests: Spatial politics, landscape and the environment, materiality, visual and collaborative ethnography, Southeast Asia, Burma/Myanmar.

Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe
Research Interests: Social and Urban Transformation and Contest, Biopolitics, City as “Spatial Palimpsest”, Architecture of Resistance, Anthropology of Knowledge, Cultural Intimacy, Memory and Identity Politics, “Homescapes”, TransnationalMigration, Turkey, Germany.

Dilan Yildirim
Research Interests: Turkey; Kurdish political movements, structural violence & memory, marginality, landscape and subjectivity, politics of culture.

Armanc Yildiz
Research Interests: labor, race, sexuality, political economy, colonialism, migration, Germany, the Netherlands, the anthropology of Europe.

Sara Zaia
Research Interests: Archaeology of Egypt and Nubia, Predynastic Egypt, navigation and trades, ships and shipcraft, ancient technologies, Digital Humanities, computer graphics, 3D and virtual reconstruction, field archaeology, field survey, landscape archaeology; GIS,photogrammetry, web design, experimental archaeology. | website

Shanni Zhao
Research Interests: China, affective labor and capitalism, gender and sexuality, citizenship and belonging, post-socialism.

Yevgeniy Zhuravel
Research Interests: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, post-socialism, transition to capitalism, class formation, race and class, race and colonialism in popular culture, modes of nationalism

Kristen Zipperer
Research Interests: South Asia, borders, sovereignty, law, media