PhD Recipients


James Wade Hadley Campbell
" Exploring The Early Navajo Pastoral Landscape Project: An Archaeological Study of (Peri)Colonial Navajo Pastoralism from the 18th to 21st Centuries AD"

Vivien Chung
"Performative Labor: An Ethnography on South Korea's Fashion Magazine Industry"

Holly Coltart - AM in Medical Anthropology
"Ontological Politics of Exclusion: Long Covid and the NICE Case Definition of post-COVID-19 Syndrome"

P. Max Durayappah-Harrison
"21st Century Bricoleaurs: Remaking Rural Japan "

Samantha Hawkins
"C/Harm City: The Drama of the Baltimore Street in Three Acts "

Annikki Herranen-Tabibi
"Resurgent Ecologies of Care: An Ethnography from Deanuleahki, Sapmi"

Damina Khaira
"Randau Ruai: Retelling Stories of an Iban Longhouse Community"

Wing Tung Jada Ko
"The Politics of Ecological Memory: Changes in Human-Animal Relationships from the Neolithic to Early Bronze Age in the Middle Huai River Valley, Anhui Province, China"

Benny Shaffer
"Elemental Mediations: Art, Cinema, and Perforamce in Contemporary China"


Michelle Hyun Choi
"Unification Preparation" in South Korea: The Professional Labor of Preparing for a Future Scenario"

Aryo Danusiri
"Urban Stories: Spatiality, Visual Mediality, and Religious Authority in Contemporary Indonesia"

Roberto "Nakay" Flotte Jr
"Transmigrations: Central American Trans Queer Mobility, Detention, and Return"

Eric Johnson
"An Archaeology of Settler Capitalism: Industrialization, Indigenous Sovereignty,and Shell Beads between New Jersey and the Plains, 1750-1900 CE"

Janina Kueper - AM in Medical Anthropology   
"Facing the World"

Matthew Magnani
"Subsistence Transitions and Social Inequality"

Ethan Manelin (MD/PhD)
"Complex Care: Health, Bureaucracy, and Neo-Welfarism in Los Angeles County"

Katherine Peeler - AM in Medical Anthropology
"Corrupting Care and Fracturing Families: U.S. government treatment of  children seeking immigration relief"


Shuang Lu Frost
"Moralizing Disruption: China's Ride-Hailing Revolution"

Reza Idria
"Tales of the Unexpected: Contesting Syari'ah Law in Aceh, Indonesia"

Bronwyn Isaacs
"Gloss and Dirt: Bangkok Advertising Production, Labor and Value"

George Karandinos (MD/PhD)
"Can't Stop the Hustle: The Production and Exploitation of Precarious Life in Inner-City Philadelphia"

Ekin Kurtic
"Sedimented Encounters: Dams, Conservation, and Politics in Turkey"

Wonyun Lee - AM in Medical Anthropology 
"Responding to Misogyny, Reciprocating Hate Speech - South Korea's Online Feminism Movement: Megalia"

Michael Thomas - AM in Medical Anthropology   
"Dentistry and Thought Collectives: An Anthropological Perspective"

Sadie Weber
"Pulling Abundance out of Thin Air: The Role of Cameloid Pastoralism at 3000 B.P."


Lindsey Alexander
"(In)commensurable: Transnationalism, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Difference in Chinese Chronic Disease Science"

Cynthia Browne
"Utopic Wastelands: Site-Specific Art and the Re-making of Germany‘s Ruhr Region"

Jon Clindaniel
"Toward a Grammar of the Inka Khipu: Investigating the Production of Non-numerical Signs"

Zoe Antionette Eddy
"When God Was A Keychain: Commercial Goods and Ainu Indigeneity in Hokkaido, Japan"
(Joint PhD in Archaeology and Social Anthropology)

Chiaki Nishijima
"Tokyo Jukujo: Middle-aged Sex Workers in Contemporary Japan"


Ari Caramanica
“Land, Labor, and Water of the Ancient Agricultural Pampa de Mocan, North Coast, Peru”

Juana Davila Saenz
“A land of lawyers, experts and "men without land": the politics of land restitution and the techno-legal production of "dispossessed people" in Colombia”

Allison Estrada - AM in Medical Anthropology   
"Exclusion, Dehumanization, and the Undeserved Mexican Migrant” 

Veronika Kusumaryati
“Ethnography of a Colonial Present: History, Experience, and Political Consciousness in West Papua”

Wirun Limsawart
“Health Care on the Border: Professional Caregiving, Universal Health Security, and Tuberculosis Control in Thailand and Its Border with Myanmar”

Ian McGonigle
“Genomic Citizenship: Peoplehood and State in Israel and Qatar”
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Andrew Ong
“Navigating Liminality: Region-making and Political Practice on the Myanmar-China Border”

Jasmine Samara
Dissertation Title: “Troubled Inheritance: Enforcing And Evading Muslim Minority
Citizenship In Greece”

Gregory Yungtum - AM in Medical Anthropology
"Embodiment of HIV Exceptionalism in Western Uganda: The Role of Healthcare Structures and Ideologies in the Production of Meaningful Treatment"


Kylie Liu - AM Medical Anthropology
"Resistance Within Limits: An Exploration of Italian Female Subjectivities from the Risorgimento to Fascism"

Noa Corcoran-Tadd
"Tambos and the Andean Longue Durée: Landscapes of Mobility in Far Southern Peru"

Nancy Khalil
"Without a Profession: The Politics of Being and Becoming an American Imam"

Andrew Littlejohn
"After the Flood: The Politics of Reconstruction in Post-3.11 Tōhoku"

Charlotte Neary-Bremer - AM Medical Anthropology
"Navigating Between the Cracks: Homelessness and Mental Health Care in California and the United Kingdom"

Stephanie Spray
"Hope's Harvest: Wandering and the Poetics of 'getting by' Among the Gandharva of Nepal

Adam Stack
"A People Apart: Factionalism and Conversion in Pueblo Mission Villages, A.D. 1620–1680"

Maria Stalford
"The City as a Place of Care and Treatment for Cancer in Contemporary Vietnam"

Emrah Yıldız
"The Ways of Zainab: Visitations and Valuations between Iran and Syria via Turkey"
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)


Bridget Alex
"Establishing Contexts of Encounters: Radiocarbon dating of archaeological assemblages with implications for Neanderthal-modern human interactions"  (Joint PhD with Human Evolutionary Biology)

Non Arkaraprasertkul
"Locating Shanghai: Globalization, Heritage Industry, and the Political Economy of Urban Space in a Chinese Metropolis”

Philip Cartelli
"Becoming Euro-Mediterranean: Reframing Urban Space and Identity in Southern France"

Dylan Clark
“The Residential Spaces, Social Organization and Dynamics of Isla Cerritos, an Ancient Maya Port Community"

Darja Djorjevic (MD/PhD)
"The Cancer War(d): Onco-Nationhood in Post-Traumatic Rwanda"

Jeffrey Dobereiner
“Incorporative Frontiers of Formative Mesoamerica: Archaeology and Identity at Rancho Búfalo, Chiapas, Mexico”

Nat Erb-Satullo "Metal Production in the Land of the Golden Fleece: Economic Organization and Technological Change in the South Caucasus, 1500-500 BC”

John Heintz (MD/PhD)
"Caged: Intimate Violence and the Search for Sovereignty at the Margins of the City"

Yitzchak Jaffe
“The Continued Creation of Communities of Practice – Finding Variation in the Western Zhou Expansion (1046-771 BCE)”

Sharon Kivenko
“Mobile Bodies: Migration, Performance and Social Belonging in Malian Dance"

Jared McCormick
“Creating a Season: Tourism, Sexuality, and Imaginations of Beirut”

Tilsa Ponce Romero
"Los reyes de la papa: economic, racial, and social transformations in the Peruvian Central Highlands"

Max Price
“Pigs and Power: Pig Husbandry in Northern Mesopotamia During the Emergence of Social Complexity (6500-2000 BC)”

Esra Gökçe Sahin
“Rakugo Humor: The Performance of Memory, Mime, & Mockery in Urban Tokyo"

Lauren Santini
“The Fabricated Forest”

Jason Silverstein
"Without Power, Without Glory: Palliative Care for Children the Nation's Best Hospital Couldn't Cure"

Julia Yezbick
"Domesticating Detroit: An Ethnography of Creativity in a Postindustrial Frontier"


Karim Alizadeh
“Social Inequality at Köhne Shahar, an Early Bronze Age Settlement in Iranian Azerbaijan”

Namita Dharia
“Scaffolding Sentiment: Money, Labor, and Love in India’s Real Estate and Construction Industry”

Wengcheong Lam
“Production of Commodities and Iron Economy in Early China: A Case Study of a Western Han Iron Foundry at Taicheng”

Anh-Thu Ngo
“Emergent Expressions: Creative Politics in Contemporary Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”

Ramyar Rossoukh
“An Anthropology of the Iranian Film Industry: The Making of The Willow Tree”

Bastien Varoutsikos
“The Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in the South Caucasus: Cultural Transmission and Technology Transfer”


Sa'ed Adel Atshan
“Prolonged Humanitarianism: The Social Life of Aid in the Palestinian Territories”
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Alex Fattal
“Guerilla Marketing: Information War and the Demobilization of FARC Rebels”

Bridget Hanna
“Toxic Relief: Science, Suspicion, and Medicine after Bhopal”

Hsuan-Ying Huang

"Psycho-boom: The Rise of Psychotherapy in Contemporary Urban China"

Toby Kim Lee
“Public Culture and Cultural Citizenship at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival”

Andrew McDowell
“Troubling Breath: Tuberculosis, Care and Subjectivity at the Margins of Rajasthan”

Federico Perez
“Urbanism as Warfare: Planning, Property, and Displacement in Bogotá”

Sabrina Peric
"Silver Bosnia: Precious Metals and Society in the Western Balkans"

Claudio Sopranzetti
"The Owners of the Map: Motorcycle Taxi Drivers, Mobility, and Politics in Bangkok"

Nicolas Sternsdorff Cisterna
“Food after Fukushima: Scientific Citizenship and Risk in Japan”

Nawa Sugiyama
“Animals and Sacred Mountains: How Ritualized Performances Materialized State-Ideologies at Teotihuacan, Mexico”

Kimberly Sue (MD/PhD)
“Wicked Bad Habits: Governing Women on Heroin in the Carceral Therapeutic State in Massachusetts”

Anand Vaidya
“The Origin of the Forest, Private Property, and the State: The Political Life of India’s Forest Rights Act”

Min Zhang
"Forging Steel: Schools, Success, and the Making of Persons in a Chinese County Seat"


Shu Chang
"Discourse, Morality, Body: Radical Socialism in a Chinese Model Village (1946-1978)"

John William Day
“In the City, Out of Place: Dispossession and the Economics of Belonging in Southeastern Turkey”
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Ujala Dhaka-Kintgen
“Governance and Marginality: Politics of Belonging, Citizenship, and Claim-making in the Muslim Neighborhoods of Mumbai”

Jesse Hession Grayman
“Humanitarian Encounters in Post-Conflict Aceh, Indonesia”

Jade D’Alpoim Guedes
“Adaptation and Invention during the Spread of Agriculture to Southwest China”

Julie O’Brien Kleinman
“Dangerous Encounters: Riots, Railways, and the Politics of Difference in French Public Space (1860-2012)”
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Michele Koons
"Moche Geopolitical Networks and the Dynamic Role of Licapa II, Chicama Valley, Peru"

Darryl Li
“Jihad and Other Universalisms: Arab-Bosnian Encounters in the US World Order”
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Muhammad Arafat Bin Mohamad
“Be-longing: Fatanis in Makkah and Jawi”

Neil Thomas Roach
“The Biomechanics and Evolution of High-Speed Throwing”

Amy Beth Saltzman (MD/PhD)

"Mobile Patients, Static Response: (Mis)managing well-being amidst South Africa's dual epidemic"

John Paul (J.P.) Sniadecki
“Digital Jianghu: Independent Documentary in a Beijing Art Village”

Fumitaka Wakamatsu
“Making of Scientific Whaling: Politics of Conservation, Science, and Culture in Japan”


Felicity Aulino
"Senses and Sensibilities: The Practice of Care in Everyday Life in Northern Thailand"

Eun-Ju Chung
"Learning to Be Chinese: The Cultural Politics of Chinese Ethnic Schooling and Diaspora Construction in Contemporary Korea"

Alireza Doostdar
"Fantasies of Reason: Science, Superstition, and the Supernatural in Iran"
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Molly Fierer-Donaldson
"To be Born an Ancestor: Death and the Afterlife among the Classic Period Royal Tombs of Copan, Honduras"

Emily Hammer
"Local Landscapes of Pastoral Nomads in Southeastern Turkey"

Stella Kao
"Rediscovering the House and Body: Theatre and Performance Life in Hong Kong in the 1990s"

Jennifer Mack
"Producing the Public: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Immigration in a Swedish Town, 1965 to the present"
(Joint PhD with Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning)

Andrea Murray
"Footprints in Paradise: Ethnography of Ecotourism, Local Knowledge, and Nature Therapies in Okinawa"

Aria Nakissa
"Islamic Law and Legal Education in Modern Egypt"
(Joint PhD with Middle Eastern Studies)

Rheana Juno Parrenas
"Arrested Autonomy: an Ethnography of Orangutan Rehabilitation"

Kedron Thomas
"An Ethnography of Brand Piracy in Guatemala"

Parker VanValkenburg
"Building Subjects: Landscapes of Forced Resettlement in the Zaña and Chamán Valleys, Peru, 16th and 17th Centuries, C.E."


Andrea Allen
“We Are Phantasms: Female Same-Sex Desires, Violence, and Ideology in Salvador, Brazil”

Kambiz Behi
“Neoliberal Jihad: Reconfiguring Space in a Context of Islamic Moral Economy”

Naor Ben-Yehoyada
“Mediterranean, Becoming and Unbecoming: Fishing, Smuggling and Region Formation Between Sicily and Tunisia

Since World War II”

Carrie Brezine
“Dress, Technology and Identity in Colonial Peru”

Edward Akintola Hubbard
“Creolization and Contemporary Pop Iconicity in Cape Verde”

Kathryn Mason
“After SARS: The Rebirth of Public Health in China’s ‘City of Immigrants’”

Illiana Quimbaya
“Pare de Sofrer/Succeed in Life: The Interpretation and Influence of the Prosperity Gospel in the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus Salvador, Brazil”

Tashi Rabgey
“Specters of China: Tibetan Legal Recognition and the Politics of Sovereignty in Post-Democratization Taiwan”

Brian Wood
“Household and Kin Provisioning by Hadza Males”


Michael Joon Hyun Choi
"Orijinŏl Mansin: An Ethnography of Shaman Life in South Korea"

Lyndon K. Gill
"Transfiguring Trinidad and Tobago: Queer Cultural Production, Erotic Subjectivity and the Praxis of Black Queer Anthropology"
(Joint PhD with African and African American Studies)

Paula Goldman
"From Margin to Mainstream: Jubilee 2000 and the Rising Profile of Global Poverty Issues in the United Kingdom and United States"

Megwen Loveless
"The Invented Tradition of Forró: A ‘Routes’ Ethnography of Brazilian Musical ‘Roots'"

Anthony Shenoda
"Cultivating Mystery: Miracles and a Coptic Moral Imaginary"

Christina Warinner
"Life and Death at Teposcolula Yucundaa: Mortuary, Paleodemographic, Archaeogenetic, and Isotopic Investigations of the Early Colonial Period in Mexico"


Sharon Abramowitz
"Psychosocial Liberia Managing Suffering in Post-Conflict Life"

Coren Apicella
"The evolutionary psychology of physical attractiveness in Hadza foragers: Explorations of the face, body and voice"

Adia Benton
"Yu get fo liv positiv: HIV, subjectivity and the politics of care in post-conflict Sierra Leone"

Deena Duranleau
"Flexible Sedentism: The Subsistence and Settlement Strategies of the Pre-Contact Residents of Coastal New England and New York"

Zongze Hu
"Keeping Hope: Encountering and Imagining the National State in a North China Village"

Yi-Chieh Jessica Lin
"Knockoff: A Cultural Biography of Transnational Counterfeit Goods"

Laurie McIntosh
"Interlopers, Immigrants and Others: Difference and Ambivalence in the “New” Norway"

Andrew Preston
"Traveling the trail of self-determination, or “the path the people walk”: Sovereignty, environmental practice, and Lutselk’e Dene’s place in Northwest Territories, Canada"


Omar Al-Dewachi
"The Professionalization of the Iraqi Medical Doctor in Britain: Medicine, Citizenship, Sovereignty and Empire"

Diana Keown Allan
"Eating their god: The contingencies of nationalism and survival in Shatila Camp"

Sepideh Bajracharya
“A Country of Hearsay and Rumor: Kings, Strongmen, and Rumor in the Urban Nepali Political Imaginary”

Noor O’Neill Borbieva
"Development in the KyrgyzRepublic: Exchange, Communal Networks, and the Foreign Presence"

Güner Coskunsu
"The End of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic in the Middle Euphrates Valley: The Lithic Assemblages of Mezraa Teleilat, Southeastern Turkey"

Susanne M. Cote
"Sampling and ecology in three Early Miocene catarrhine assemblages from East Africa"

Margaret C. Crofoot
"Intergroup competition in white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus)"

Maureen J. Devlin
"Interactions of estrogen, strain and bone growth: Implications for human skeletal robusticity"

Jinhua Guo
"Stigma: Social Suffering for Social Exclusion and Social Insecurity From Mental illness to HIV/AIDS in China"

Gideon Hartman
"The Environmental Origins of Plants and Herbivores in the Southern Levant: an Isotopic Approach"

Rusaslina Idrus
"The Politics of Inclusion: Law, History and Indigenous Rights in Malaysia"

Zahra N. Jamal
"“Work No Words”: Voluntarism, Subjectivity, and Moral Economies among Khoja Ismaili Muslims""

Hyojin Kim
"From Heritage to People's House: Kyomachiya Revitalization Movements and Regional Identity in Kyoto"

Amanda S. Lobell
"The Evolution of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 and the Invasive Primate Placenta"

Lilith Mahmud
"The Brotherhood of Freemason Sisters: Knowledge, Subjectivity, and Discretion in Italian Masonic Lodges"

Cheryl Makarewicz
"Evolution of Foddering Practices in the Southern Levantine Pre-Pottery Neolithic"

Ernesto Martinez
"Border Chinese: Making Space and Forging Identity in Mexicali, Mexico"

Mary E. Prendergast
"Forager Variability and Transitions to Food Production in Secondary Settings: Kanysore and Pastoral Neolithic Economies in East Africa"

Prista Ratanapruck
"Market and Monastery: Manangi Trade Diasporas in South Asia and Southeast Asia"

Campbell P. Rolian
"Morphological Integration and the Evolution of Human hands and Feet"

Stine Rossel
"The Development of Productive Subsistence Economies in the Nile Valley: Zooarchaeological Analysis at El-Mahasna and South Abydos, Upper Egypt"

Ann Seiferle-Valencia
"Before the Eagle's Nest: The Formative Period Archaeology of Cuauhtinchan Viejo, Puebla, Mexico"

Miriam Shakow
"States of Discontent: Patronage, Liberalism, and Indigenist Democracy in Central Bolivia"

Lindsay A. Smith
"Subversive Genes: Re(con)stituting Identity, Family, and Human Rights in Argentina"

Priscilla Song
"Biotech Pilgrims and Medical Entrepreneurs: Cultural Encounters from Cyberspace to China"

Noelle Stout
"On the Malecón: Revolutionary Desires in Late-Socialist Cuba"

Alexandre Tokovinine
"The power of place: political landscape and identity in Classic Maya inscriptions, imagery, and architecture"

Emily Zeamer
"Buddhism Updated: Technology, Technique, and Moral Imagination in Urban Thailand"


Melanie Adrian
"Restricting the Republic: France, The Veil, and Religious Freedom"
(Joint PhD with Religion)

Levent A. Atici
"Before the Revolution: A Comprehensive Zooarchaeological Approach to Terminal Pleistocene Forager Adaptations in the Western Taurus Mountains, Turkey"

Emily S. Barrett
"Determinants of Reproductive Function in Norwegian Women"

Peter B. Benson
"To Not Be Sorry: Citizenship, Moral Life and Biocapitalism in North Carolina Tobacco Country"

Rod Campbell
"Blood, Flesh and Bones: Kinship and Violence in the Social Economy of the Late Shang (ca. 1250-1050 B.C.)"

Sharri R. Clark
"The Social Lives of Figurines: Recontextualizing the Third Millennium BC Terracotta Figurines from Harappa (Pakistan)"

Angela N. Garcia
"The Pastoral Clinic: Addiction and Absolution Along the Rio Grande"

Thomas G. Garrison
"Ancient Maya Territories, Adaptive Regions, and Alliances: Contextualizing the San Bartolo-Xultun Intersite Survey"

Yuson Jung
"Consumer Lament: An Ethnographic Study on Consumption, Needs, and Everyday Complaints in Postsocialist Bulgaria"

Jaesok Kim
"The Cultural Encounters in a Chinese Sweatshop: The Transnational Movement of South Korean Enterprises and the Creation of Borderland Factory Regime"

Katrina L. Moore
"Journeys into Later Life: Gender and Self-Cultivation in Contemporary Japan"

Katarina Mucha Sussner
"The Influence of Maternal Acculturation on Early Childhood Feeding, Nutritional Status and the Development of Obesity: A Study of Latino Immigrant Mothers and Children"

Jessica M. Mulligan
"Managed Lives: Privatizing Public Health in Puerto Rico"

Young-a Park
"Beyond Margins and Center: Reconfiguring Activist Film Production and Consumption in Post-authoritarian South Korea"

Maple J. Razsa
"Bastards of Utopia: An Ethnography of Radical Politics After Yugoslav Socialism"

Clara Young Han
"Life in Debt: Depression and Survival in Chile's Market Democracy"

Bryan K. Wells
"Epigraphic Approaches to the Indus Script"


Benjamin Arbuckle
"The Evolution of Sheep and Goat Pastoralism and Social Complexity in Central Anatolia"

Bernadine Chee
"Beyond Native Place Identity in China: Valuation, Agency, and Household Registration in a Beijing Restaurant"

Randall Collura
"Molecular Evolution of Genes Related to Primate Encephalization and Energetics"

Michelle Tisdel Flikke
"Cuban Museums and Afro-Cuban Heritage: Fragments and Transition in Daily Life"

Kathleen Gallagher
"Too Poor to Own: Landlessness and the Politics of Survival in Rural Nepal"

Sonya Kahlenberg
"Female-Female Competition and Male Sexual Coercion in Kanyawara Chimpanzees"

Ahmed Kanna
"'Not Their Fathers' Days': Idioms of Time and Space in the Urban Arabian Gulf"

Herman Pontzer
"Locomotor Energetics, Ranging Ecology, and the Emergence of the Genus Homo"

Wen-Ching Sung
"Global Science: The Convergence of Biotechnology, Capitalism, and National Development in China"

Sarah Wagner
"Return of Identity: Technology, Memory, and the Recognition of Srebrenica’s Missing"

Joshua Wright
"The Adoption of Pastoralism in Northeast Asia, Monumental Transformation in the Egiin Gol Valley"

Amy Young
"Convincing Women: Global Rights, Local Families, and the Moroccan Women's Rights Movement"


Tahmima Anam
"Fixing the Past: War, Violence, and Habitations of Memory in Post-Independence Bangladesh"

Peter Eltsov
"From Harappa to Hastinapura: A Study of the Most Ancient South Asian City from the Point of View of the Ancient Indian Literature and the Archaeology of the Harappan and Gangetic Civilizations"

Carole Hooven
"Sex Differences in Mental Rotation: Shifting The Image of Male Superiority in Spatial Ability"

Sarah Elizabeth Jackson
"Deciphering Classic Maya Political Hierarchy: Epigraphic, Archaeological, and Ethnohistoric Perspectives on the Courtly Elite"

Matthew McIntyre
"The Validity of Digit Ratios in Approximating Perinatal Masculinization and Applications to the Study of Human Sexuality"

Kathleen Anne O'Connor
"O Outro Lado: Candomblé, Psychiatry And Discourse In Bahia, Brazil"

Saubhagya Shah
"A Project of Memoreality: Transnational Development and Local Activism Among Rural Women in Nepal"

Barbara Li Smith
"Diet, Health, and Lifestyle in Neolithic North China"

Melissa Emery Thompson
"Endocrinologgy and Ecology of Wild Female Chimpanzee Reproduction"

Michael Westerhaus - AM in Medical Anthropology

Fei Wu
"Elegy for Luck: Suicide in a County of North China"