Joint Concentration

Both Archaeology and Social Anthropology programs encourage a joint concentration with any other department that permits a joint concentration. These have included:

  • African and African-American Studies
  • Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • History
  • History and Literature
  • History of Science
  • Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  • Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Music
  • Religion
  • Romance Languages and Literature
  • Theatre, Dance, and Media
  • Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Visual and Environmental Studies

Students wishing to pursue a joint concentration need to submit a petition for approval to the Undergraduate Program Office.

Joint Concentration Requirements

For Archaeology joint concentrators

  1. ANTH 1010
  2. ANTH 97x: Sophomore Tutorial in Archaeology
  3. ANTH 98xa: Junior Tutorial in Archaeology
  4. New World Archaeology course
  5. Old World Archaeology course
  6. One Archaeology topical subject or method/theory course

If Archaeology is the primary field, two additional courses are also required:

  1. ANTH 98xb: Junior Tutorial in Archaeology
  2. ANTH 99x: Senior Tutorial in Archaeology (full-year)

For Social Anthropology joint concentrators

  1. ANTH 1600: Grounding the Global: Introduction to Social Anthropology
  2. ANTH 1610: Ethnographic Research Methods
  3. ANTH 97za:  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Anthropology
  4. ANTH 98za:  Junior Tutorial in Social Anthropology
  5. Any two courses in Social Anthropology

If Social Anthropology is the primary field, three additional courses are required:

  1. One course in Social Anthropology
  2. One course in Social Anthropology or Archaeology
  3. ANTH 99z: Senior Tutorial (full-year)

For further information and advising about joint concentration possibilities with Anthropology, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office.