Michael Herzfeld given honorary citizenship of the village of Zoniana in Greece

October 14, 2021
The following month, in August, the village of Zoniana – where Herzfeld has conducted fieldwork at various times since 1974, and which was the subject of his ethnographic study titled The Poetics of Manhood (1985) – also awarded him honorary citizenship of the village. Zoniana, along with the Thai community of Pom Mahakan, features extensively in Herzfeld’s new book, Subversive Archaism: Troubling Traditionalists and the Politics of National Heritage, to appear with Duke University Press in December 2021 and based on the 2018 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures. For free access to the first chapter of Subversive Archaism, please click on https://www.dukeupress.edu/Assets/PubMaterials/978-1-4780-1762-2_601.pdf.