ANTHRO 97Z - Sophomore Tutorial: Anthropology as Social Theory and the Social Theory of Anthropology





Prof. Malavika Reddy
Tues. and Thurs. 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM 
Tozzer 203

Anthropology 97z is a course about what social theory is, how to read it and how it relates to the discipline of anthropology. The course encourages students to think expansively about the sources and boundaries of theory, guiding them through three approaches to the theorization of social life: First, we work from early anthropological conceptualizations of society, culture and race to trace the impacts of these concepts on the formation of the discipline and on contemporary life, more broadly; Second, we consider the insights that a Marxist approach to theory and anthropological analysis can generate; Third, we think with Audre Lordes discussion of the erotic to see what aspects of social life it opens up. The course will tackle the study of these concepts and theories in three ways: by relating them to the philosophical traditions that they engage, by situating them within the political projects in which they operate and by analyzing the anthropological insights they enable. An aim of the class will be to understand and disrupt the roots of the discipline, while articulating the importance of anthropology disrupted to the contemporary world.

Required of all Social Anthropology concentrators. Weekly 2-hour sections to be arranged.