Historical Anthropology

Historical research defines Anthropological Archaeology and has long been a significant aspect of Social Anthropology. Through work with material artifacts, textual records, and oral narratives, archaeologists and social anthropologists illuminate the historical dynamism of material landscapes, social relations, and cultural meanings. Our faculty research covers a wide range of historical phenomena including, the social, cultural, ecological, legal, and political dimensions of colonialism, processes of decolonization, changing articulations of identity and difference within postcolonial and postimperial societies, and the production of old and new nationalisms. Many are also deeply engaged with questions of epistemology and method, particularly how to understand overlaps and divergences between anthropological and other disciplinary approaches to the past. Finally, several of our faculty address the changing place of anthropology in the world and how the discipline has been variously implicated in wider processes of state formation, political contestation, and cultural production. 

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