Sadia Demby

Sadia Demby

Social Anthropology
Class of 2022
Sadia Demby

Hi everyone! My name is Sadia (she/her), and I am a senior in Kirkland studying social anthropology with a secondary in global health and health policy. I currently live in Maryland, but have grown up in both the United States and sub-Saharan Africa. I’m broadly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to studying care-seeking behavior in city spaces. I’m fascinated by the use of a contemporary metropolis--and its dynamism, impermanence, and collaboration--as a means of challenging the categories and logics we often accept as true and unchanging.  

Outside of academics, I’m involved in several global health equity and justice-centered groups on campus. I love to play guitar, listen to music, and play sports. Happy to talk about anything and everything!

Research Interests

Medical anthropology, urban theory, people as infrastructure, notions and networks of care, theory from the south, Sierra Leone.

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