Bilal Malik

Bilal Malik

Allston Burr Assistant Dean of Harvard College
Bilal Malik

Research and Teaching Interests: Islam, Education, Seminaries/Madrasas, Islamism/Political Islam, Sufism, Secularism, South Asia/Pakistan.

Bilal Malik's interests lie in the anthropology of Religion (particularly Muslim piety and Islamist politics) and the Anthropology of Education. His research is based at a madrasa or Islamic seminary in Pakistan, and he is particularly interested in the relationship between political ideologies and everyday practices, and the co-constitution of 'religious tradition' and 'secular modernity' in contemporary Islamic seminaries. In addition to being a half-time lecturer in Anthropology, he is serving as Resident Dean at Leverett House and teaching a seminar titled "(Mis)Understanding Islam Today" this spring. 

Contact Information

Harvard College, Leverett House
Leverett F-05
28 DeWolfe St
Cambridge, MA 02138