Diana Gerberich '18 on her internship with the U.S. Navy's Underwater Archaeology Branch

February 27, 2017

Diana Gerberich, one of the Anthropology Department's Peer Concentration Advisors, spent the summer of 2016 interning with the U.S. Navy. Read below to hear about her experience.


"This past summer, I interned with the Navy in their Underwater Archaeology Branch at the Washington Navy Yard (Washington, D.C.). A subgroup of the Naval History and Heritage Command, the Underwater Archaeology Branch is responsible for locating, documenting, and protecting the Navy's sunken vessels and aircraft in both domestic and international waters. During my internship, I conducted research on Navy wrecks using the Navy's archives and the National Archives, wrote an article about an American Revolutionary War shipwreck for the Navy's website, documented shipwreck artifacts in the conservation lab, and compiled a list of Navy wrecks that will be used as a reference list to select practice dives for Navy divers. Throughout the internship, not only did I gain experience with the field of underwater archaeology in general, but I also learned what the daily life of an underwater archaeologist entails. Additionally, it gave me hands-on experience with cultural resource management and the preservation of our Navy's history."