Department of Anthropology Statement on Scholar Strike, September 8-9

September 8, 2020

The Department of Anthropology stands with the Movement for Black Lives and its vision of transformative justice. In solidarity with the movement, members of the department are showing their support for the September 8-9 Scholar Strike for Racial Justice in several ways: by not teaching, by joining or holding racial justice teach-ins, and by orienting their courses around racial inequality and justice. This is a list of some of the racial justice resources that we have gathered for students and colleagues:


Democracy Now interview with Angela Davis on abolition and defunding the police:


“Where do we go from here?” Panel discussion on BLM hosted by Brandon Terry with panelists Robin Kelley, Elizabeth Hinton, Cornel West, and Keeanga Yamahtta-Taylor.


Robin Kelley, “Mike Brown’s Body: A Meditation on War, Race, and Democracy”


“Do Black Lives Matter?” with Fred Moton and Robin Kelley 


Dorothy E. Roberts lecture on the biologizing of social injustice: 


“Policing without the police: race, technology, and the new Jim Code” with Ruha Benjamin  and Dorothy Roberts