RJS - HYI Series in Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology: Prof. Franciscu Sedda


Friday, November 5, 2021, 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Tozzer 203

After a necessary COVID hiatus, the Roman Jackson Symposium is resuming this year as a series of seminars (rather than one big event), which are coordinated with the 2021-22 Harvard-Yenching Institute Program in Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology that I am organizing. The first speaker in this series will be Franciscu Sedda,Professor of Semiotics at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia), who is spending a portion of the fall semester at Harvard as an Associate of the Department of Anthropology. 

  • 5 NOV, 1-3PM, Tozzer 203: Invisible Translations: Bridging Pragmatist and Structuralist Approaches to Semiotic Analysis
  • 12 NOV, 1-3PM, Tozzer 203: Semiotics, Sovereignty, and Self-Consciousness: The Case of Sardinia

The seminars will combine lecture and discussion. All are welcome!