Investigating Urbanism and its Environmental and Human Impact in the Highlands of Oaxaca, a talk by Verónica Pérez Rodríguez (State University of New York, at Albany)


Thursday, October 7, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


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ABSTRACT - The talk will discuss on-going research at the urban center of Cerro Jazmín in the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca where we are investigating the functions and activities that took place in public spaces at various points of the city’s occupation. The talk will also briefly discuss results from excavations in monumental and residential areas in Cerro Jazmín, as well as data from other contemporary urban centers across Oaxaca and Central Mexico. Through this comparative exercise the talk explores questions regarding the environmental and human impact of urbanism in cities of the Mesoamerican highlands.

Dr. Verónica Pérez Rodríguez is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University at Albany SUNY. She earned her doctorate in Ecological and Environmental Anthropology at the University of Georgia and has directed the Cerro Jazmín Archaeological Project since 2008. Her archaeological research focuses on the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca, México where she investigates questions regarding urban agriculture, terraced landscapes, urbanism, urban resilience, and the social and environmental consequences of urban living in the ancient cities of Oaxaca. She has published 21 peer-reviewed articles, 9 book chapter and 2 books. Her latest book is titled “La Epopeya de la Mixteca: Cómo se hicieron y rehicieron las sociedades complejas en la Mixteca Alta” and it was published by the Colegio de Michoacán.


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