ANTHRO 3626 - Research Design/Proposal Writing





Prof. Anya Bernstein
Tues. 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This course is part seminar, part practicum. Its purpose is to help students conceptualize and design a research project, to craft effective research and grantproposals, and to prepare for ethnographic and archival work. The first and longest part of the course will focus on formulating a researchable project, in all its various elements; how to write a statement of problem, to frame arguments/theses, to situate work in the appropriate anthropological literature/s, to develop a methodological approach, and techniques, commensurate with the objectives and claims of the study, and to make a case for its significance and contribution to the discipline. To the extent time permits, the class will also pursue a secondary objective: imparting professional skills, primarily in the area of writing and publishing, but also in oral presentation, that will be useful to students throughout their professional lives.

By permission only. The class is open to third year social anthropology students who have done most of the background reading for their PhD dissertation research and are actively working on a formal research proposal, of which they have a draft in hand.