ANTHRO 2838 - Ethnographic Approaches to Digital Media





Prof. Gabriella Coleman
Tues. 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Tozzer 102

This class will conjoin recent ethnographies and media studies books on digital media with complementary pieces on politics, language, communication, and/or technology. The book selection will expose students to cutting edge research by anthropologists and critical internet and digital media scholars who address issues of labor, visual culture, journalism, algorithms, race, class, activism, indigeneity, and feminism while the additional text, in the form of an article or chapter, will expose students to classical or more theoretical texts around questions of labor, publics, and technology. Pairing these texts together will allow students to familiarize themselves with and critically rethink theoretical paradigms and arguments around technology and politics vis-a-vis empirically grounded studies and ethnographies covering a range of issues about the use and abuse of digital technologies during contemporary times and in different areas of the world.