ANTHRO 1250 - The Pyramids of Giza: Technology, Archaeology, History





Prof. Peter Der Manuelian
Mon. and Wed. 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Tozzer 203

Focuses on the Pyramids, Sphinx, and tombs at Giza (ca. 2500 BC), in the context of ancient Egyptian history, art, and archaeology. The HU-MFA Expedition excavated Giza, resulting in today's Giza Project at Harvard.

Seminar takes place in Harvard's Visualization Center with 3D viewing of the Giza Necropolis on a 23-foot screen, and consists of introductory lectures, student presentations, and field trips. Topics range from challenges of archaeological information processing to Old Kingdom mortuary art and architecture, to issues of ownership and repatriation. Students will also contribute to the (real world) Giza Project at Harvard.

Note: Due to classroom capacity limits, only 18-20 students can be admitted to the course.